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Dr. John M. Wirant Royersford0.0 Miles
Dr. Sam Kadan Harleysville10.4 Miles
Dr. Christopher K. Smedley Malvern10.9 Miles
Dr. Normand S. Boucher Wayne13.2 Miles
Dr. Thomas A. Brady Exton13.4 Miles
Dr. Antonino G. Secchi Devon13.6 Miles
Dr. Arthur Stein Souderton15.1 Miles
Dr. Arthur Stein Lansdale16.2 Miles
Dr. Marianna Evans Newtown Square16.8 Miles
Dr. Christopher K. Smedley Downingtown17.9 Miles
Dr. Larry C. Smedley Downingtown17.9 Miles
Dr. Peter M. Greco Media21.0 Miles
Dr. Peter M. Greco Ardmore21.2 Miles
Dr. Robert A. Azarik Quakertown22.6 Miles
Dr. Guy Coby Quakertown22.6 Miles

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