Examination Preparation

Download: Test Specifications 


The examination is composed of 240 multiple-choice questions on subject areas outlined by CODA divided into 4 modules:      





Written Examination questions are developed from the recommended reading list and referenced journals, textbooks and clinical case reports.


  • Articles 1-38 can be obtained free of charge at www.AAOinfo.org. Sign in and click on the News tab and then The AJO-DO link; this takes you to the AJO-DO site where you may search for articles.
  • Articles 39-56 are free of charge from the Angle Orthodontist website at www.Angle.org.
  • Examinees are responsible for the content of the entire reading list, even though some references may not be represented by an exam question.
  • The ABO does not consider any of the texts and/or articles to contain the indisputable answer to any questions within the field of orthodontics.
  • The list is not all encompassing and does not remain static. It will be subject to additions and deletions.
  • Current literature and textbooks on orthodontics may be studied in addition to the suggested references.

The ABO objective is to offer a list of references as a source of knowledge in preparing for certification through papers of historical and scientific interest providing a broad perspective of the changing world of orthodontic theory and practice.