2020 Updated Written Exam Process

The 2020 ABO Written Examination will be conducted through Live Online-Proctored Testing Administration on June 5-6, 2020 with Scantron/Examity.


Live online-proctoring through Scantron / Examity allows candidates to complete the examination from their own computer via an internet connection at a time and place of their choosing within the testing administration window. Testing sessions will be available over a two day period.  The testing period will still be 5 hours, but the exam will be broken into two sections allowing for a scheduled break in the middle. 


The Written Examination will still follow the same Examination Specifications with 240 multiple-choice questions on subject areas outlined by CODA divided into 4 modules.  The 2020 Written Exam Reading List still applies as a list of references as a source of knowledge in preparing for the 2020 ABO Written Examination.


What you need to know prior to taking the 2020 Written Examination:


What does this process look like?


What are the technical system requirements that i will have to be able to meet in order to complete a secure Live-Online Proctored Test Administration through Scantron/Examity?


How do I take a Sample Test with Scantron/Examity and review the Testing Instructions?


What is included in the Examination Admission Requirements, General Rules and Exam Statements set fourth by the ABO, Scantron, and Examity that I will be required to review and attest to before being able to start the 2020 ABO Written Examination?


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