Record Identification of Hard Copy Records


All hard copy records must be clearly marked as shown with the following information:

  1.     Examinee ID number
  2.     Case number (assigned electronically, according to DI or CAT, from low to high)
  3.     Date of record
  4.     Patient age to the nearest month (example: 14-7)
  5.     Stage of treatment identified by colored dot:



BLACK dot  

Pretreatment records



BLUE dot 

Interim or Pre-Surgical records if indicated



RED dot 

Posttreatment records

Label for composite tracing of initial and final records:


The complete set of hard copy records to be identified for each level of evaluation include dental casts, photographic montage, all radiographs, all cephalometric tracings, superimpositions, and periodontal documentation if required. Doctor, practice or school name should not be visible.


Adhesive labels, not embossed tape, can be used to identify hard copy records.