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General Resources

AAO Clinical Practice Guidelines for Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics
AAO Evidence Based Orthodontic Research

The ADA Center for Evidence-based Dentistry


Written Examination

Test Specifications

Reading List


Scenario-Based Oral Clinical Examination

How to Prepare

Study Guide

Examinee Orientation PowerPoint

Sample Cases (Q&A)

Sample Cases - Part 2 (CR-Eval, Superimposition, CMF Q&A)

Sample Case Recording PowerPoint

Case 1 - Recording 1

Case 1 - Recording 2

Case 2 - Recording 1

Case 2 - Recording 2

Sample Records Presentation


Board Case Exam (BCE)

How to Prepare

Study Guide



Case-based Clinical Examination (ICE)

Examination Registration

Affidavit for Recent Graduates

Affidavit for Educator Supervised Cases

Petition for Craniofacial Examination

Affidavit for Craniofacial Examination


Examination Process

BCOE Examinee Worksheet

Examination Preparation

Calibration Kit


ABO HIPAA Authorizations

ABO HIPAA Authorization

ABO HIPAA Authorization - California

ABO HIPAA Authorization - Indiana

ABO HIPAA Authorization - Maine

ABO HIPAA Authorization - Maryland


Case Record Preparation

Class II Molar Relationships

Dental Cast Guide

Digital Model and 3D Printing Requirements

Example Case Presentations

Example Photo Montage

Example Photos & Radiographs

Cephalometric Tracing Reference Example #1

Cephalometric Tracing Reference Example #2

Construction of the Mandibular Plane

Example of Superimpositions

Superimposition of Tracings

Cranial Base Superimposition  

Mandibular Superimposition  

Maxillary Superimposition  


Case Report Forms

Case Report Work File

Written Case Report Instructions

Discrepancy Index Instructions

Discrepancy Index Scoring System

Discrepancy Index Worksheet for Print

Measurement Demonstration  

Cast Radiograph Reference

Cast-Radiograph Worksheet for Print

Grading System Casts-Radiographs

Case Management Form Instructions

Case Management Worksheet for Print

Case Management Form Treatment Objective Sample Terminology


Case Submissions

Title Page Instructions

Title Page Template

Supplies Needed for One Notebook Presentation

Record Identification of Hard Copy Records


Label Templates

Label Avery 5160 Black A

Label Avery 5160 Black-Blue A-A1

Label Avery 5160 Black-Red A-B

Label Avery 5160 Blue A1

Label Avery 5160 Blue-Red A1-B

Label Avery 5160 Red B