Examinee Testimonials

The following comments were received from the 2015 and 2016 Anonymous Examinee Post-Clinical Examination Surveys:


“In general was a great experience as a faculty. Best learning experience in my ten years practicing orthodontics, definitely it will change the way I teach my residents.”
“I believe the exam and examiners were extremely fair. The questions asked are crucial to an orthodontist's understanding of his/her professional knowledge. Keep up the good work! Overall, I had a pleasant experience!”
“I feel like the examiners did take the time to really go over my cases, so that was nice to know they put in a lot of effort. Overall, it was a positive experience and I am happy I came to St. Louis for the exam.”



“Doing the board exam was an invaluable experience. It was a lot of hard work to put everything together, but an effort well worth it. At this point in my career I couldn't have imagined not doing it, based upon how much I have learned in the process. No doubt it has influenced how I will analyze, treat, and evaluate my patient cases. The clinical exam process was very well planned-out and orchestrated. I thought the examiners were incredibly gracious and helpful in their critique.”
“I really appreciate and value the experience of initial certification as a recent graduate, and thought the format was great. I would love for it to be mandatory for all orthodontists to hold our profession to a higher standard.”
“Although preparing for this exam required a lot of time and effort, the exam process was a great experience and I am very glad that I chose to complete the exam.”
“Everyone was incredibly helpful, supportive and prompt with any questions I had.   Thanks to the ABO and the hard work in creating the cleft-craniofacial pathway!”
“Going through the process makes me appreciate: treatment planning is the most important part and finishing is the most difficult part of orthodontics. As a specialist, I will continue to learn to offer the best services to my patients.”



“I was surprised that the examiners are very nice as I was expected an intimidating format.”
“Overall the experience was challenging but good. It definitely made me look more critically at the treatment I provide.”
“Thank you for the great experience. Each and every ABO staff member and Examiner that I had the chance to interact with was professional and truly dedicated to making the examination a positive and very fair experience for all. My Examiners were professional, friendly and challenging.”    
“Overall, it was a positive experience with both the BCOE and Clinical examination. It was nice to know that they all understand that there are usually multiple ways to treat any case.”
“I felt the clinical examiners I had were great. They really studied my cases as they had pages of notes, so they were thorough, but very friendly and understanding and appreciative of the hard work I put in treating and presenting the cases, which I appreciated in turn. Their acknowledgments definitely made me feel good about things overall and eased my nerves some.”


“It was a very rewarding experience to challenge the clinical examination. Although I was anxious a day before, I felt very comfortable during the examination process. The examiners' advice and reflection about my cases were very helpful. I am very glad that I decided to do this.”
“Thank you for a great time. I had many of my cases completed before graduation and it would be wonderful if residents could go to the ABO while they are still in school. This would help keep costs down for some residents who have per-diem associateships. Also if there was a way to do the setup and the exam in the same day this would help since the board is moving toward digital models.”
“The staff at the ABO did a great job with answering questions and been available for the applicants. The hotel choice was good and they provided transportation. Overall it was a great experience and I am happy that I was able to be a part of it. Thank you everyone.”
“I think the exam is a useful tool for differentiating orthodontists from one another based on skill and knowledge.”
“I learned a lot from the constructive criticism of my board cases. There are areas to improve on that I will not overlook again. I will be able to better evaluate my cases before debonding for the rest of my career and I will be able to better evaluate the changes afterwards to constantly improve mechanics utilized in patient treatment. It was a great learning experience preparing for the exam as well as sitting for the exam.”
“I found the process of preparing for this exam to be time consuming, but worth every second. I am thrilled that I took this exam. A big thank you to those that made this a challenging, albeit enjoyable process!”
 “Board certification is our obligation to the profession and it should be continually advocated for and new graduates should be expected to complete this process.”
“I thought both of my examiners treated me very professionally. They definitely tested my knowledge, yet were courteous in the process. I learned a slightly different way to evaluate and measure certain things, and I feel that they were truly interested in hearing about the method that was taught at my residency. There are so many different ways to get a great end product, all examiners need to realize this. It's not their way, or the highway. Each residency may teach a slightly different way to go about things, and these examiners understood this. I truly appreciated the opportunity to present my cases.”
“I feel board certification is a very important step for an orthodontist and should be pursued by all orthodontists. The exam was very fair and I greatly enjoyed my interaction with the examiners.”
“This was a wonderfully prepared and executed exam. The staff and examiners were all beyond expectations and the process as a whole made me want to perform better orthodontics every day.”


“Overall, my experience far surpassed my expectations. There was incredible professionalism, organization, and top notch facilities. I've encouraged all my colleagues to challenge boards and am thankful the ABO has done the work necessary to welcome members of our profession, ultimately protecting our specialty and holding it to a high level of professionalism. A huge thanks to the administrative staff as well, who made the application and preparation process literally stress free.” 
“My examiners were tough but fair. I had a wonderful experience, the staff and facilities were top notch and I would recommend this process to all my current friends. I do thank all the people involved for all their hard work and dedication - it really showed throughout the whole process.”
“I was skeptical of the benefits of ABO certification. After going through the process I am convinced it has made me a better practitioner. The value is immeasurable. I had wonderful examiners who tested fairly but made it a great learning experience. This exam was everything I expected and more.”
“It was a very pleasant experience. I liked my examiners. They were very modest despite their huge knowledge. I felt honored to be examined by them. Although not a teaching experience, I learned that knowledge and experience are two different things. I was proud to be a part of this process. I needed to know that I was on the right track out of residency. There is no better way of knowing this except with ABO.”
 “The oral examination was the most impressive time in my life. The instructions and questions were invaluable. I deeply appreciate ABO!”
“Thank you for a terrific experience. I am very glad I took the time/made the effort to become board-certified I know it will help me throughout my career.”