Case Record Assembly for Notebook Presentation

Supplies Needed for ONE Notebook Presentation 
3-Ring Binder


1/2", vinyl on hardboard, clear overlay on cover, two interior pockets

Notebook for case presentation

Sheet protectors

(4 if Interim Recs)

Top-loading, non-glare, 3-hole punch

For photo montage and superimpositions.

Pocket Dividers

(3 if Interim Recs)

3-hole punch

For all radiographs and cephalometric tracings

See Important Identification of Records Details at: Record Identification of Hard Copy Records

Download Label Templates:

Initial (A) Label Template

Interim (A1) Label Template

Final (B )Label Template

Initial (A) To Interim (A1) Label Template

Interim (A1) to Final (B) Label Template

Initial (A) to Final (B) Label Template


Presentation of Case
Dental Casts for each case for each level of evaluation. If you have optional digital pretreatment or interim models, upload these at Case Submission Portal. Digital models will not be accepted on portable media.
Case Record Notebook for each case that will contain:
  • Title page Title Page Instructions
  • Patient records for each stage of treatment
  • All Post-treatment Records must be obtained within 12 months of appliance removal
  • Interim or Pre-Surgical Records are mandatory for two-phase treatment and for surgical cases
  • Printed copy of case reports – must be uploaded to the Case Submission Portal regardless of notebook or ECS presentation.
Order of contents for each Presentation Notebook

Title Page

Insert page into clear overlay on notebook cover.

Pretreatment Records (A)

Required, BLACK dots


Follow prescribed montage arrangement on an 8.5 x 11 page; place photo montage into a sheet protector.


Insert all radiographs or digital printouts in one pocket of pocket divider.

Ceph Tracings   

Insert ceph tracings or digital printouts in the same pocket as the radiographs.

Periodontal Record/s   

Insert periodontal record(s) in the same pocket as the radiographs.

Interim Records (A1)

If needed, BLUE dots; use separate sheet protector and pocket divider; follow same order as (A) records.

Post-treatment Records (B)

Required, RED dots; use separate sheet protector and pocket divider; follow same order as (A) records.


Insert superimpositions or digital printouts into a sheet protector.

Printed Case Reports

Insert stapled copy of case reports (Pgs. 2-9 of Case Report Work File) into the back pocket of the notebook.