Case Record Assembly for Electronic Case Submission (ECS)

Before upload to the ABO exam site

  1. The examinee is cautioned that the ABO takes no responsibility for patient record images not in appropriate format prior to submission.
  2. No cropping, rotation or other image manipulation can occur once images have been uploaded to the ABO exam site.
  3. Perform any image manipulation to conform to ABO specifications before submission.
  4. Remember, orient each image to the natural line of sight.
Upload records using individual JPG images
  1. Simply create JPG images for all patient records for all time points (potentially 30 or more images) that conform to ABO specifications.
  2. Next, initiate all cases on the ABO exam site.
  3. At minimum, the Written Case Report for each case must show the summary of record dates along with the Patient Name and Date of Birth.
  4. Upload each image using an exam site template at UPLOAD RECORDS.
  5. The template will prompt you for each required record of each time point.
After upload to the ABO exam site
  1. Use the UPLOAD RECORDS hyperlink on the ABO exam site and verify that images have uploaded correctly.
  2. To replace records that have already been submitted, simply submit new records. Old records will be overwritten.
  3. Removing records without replacing them must be done directly from the ABO exam site.
Bring to the exam:
  1. Physical study models
  2. Stapled copy of each case report
  3. Printout of superimpositions, attached as applicable
  4. Printed montage of digital models from original scanner software, attached as applicable
  5. One folder containing these printed records