Case Submission Process

The ABO case submission portal is opened approximately four months prior to each exam. All examinees must submit the Case Report Work File (CRWF) for each case no later than one week  prior  to the start of exams. Required case reports are: Written Case Report (WCR), Discrepancy Index (DI), Cast-Radiograph Evaluation (C-R Eval), and Case Management Form (CMF).


If the examinee has digital pretreatment or interim models in universal digital format and constructed according to ABO specifications, these are submitted using the same web portal.

If the examinee has enrolled in Electronic Case Submission (ECS), digital patient records are submitted using the same web portal. Note that ECS enrollment is optional and is offered at the time of exam registration.


Choose how you will begin your case reports:

Start at Step 1 - Enter case report data into a work file (PDF) downloaded to your local hard drive.
Start at Step 4 - Enter case report data directly into the ABO exam portal.


  1. Download:  Case Report Work File. You must use Adobe Reader, Version 9 or later, to open this file.* All reports for one case are contained in this file. 
  2. We recommend you use Save-As with a descriptive filename for each case.
  3. Enter case report data to each work file at your convenience. 
  4. Within four months of the start of the exam, you will be informed when the ABO electronic submission portal is available.
  5. Login at the Case Submission Portal. 
  6. Use the Upload CRWF button to upload each Case Report Work File from Step 3 OR you may enter report data directly by using the CREATE NEW CASE button.
  7. ABO case numbers will be assigned automatically according to ascending sequence of DI value.
  8. Your report data will be verified against the current year's exam specifications.**
  9. If submitting optional digital pretreatment or interim models, select UPLOAD MODELS in the Reports/Records column.
  10. If presentation is by electronic case submission (ECS), select UPLOAD RECORDS in the Reports/Records column.
  11. Return to the exam portal and update reports or digital records as many times as needed before the submission deadline.
  12. When finished, mark all reports and records as COMPLETE and then select SUBMIT TO ABO.
  13. Save a final copy of each case report by using the PRINT CRWF button in the Actions column. These files will be read-only and watermarked as “Submitted”.
  14. Whether presentation is by notebook or by electronic case submission (ECS), print and staple Pg. 2-9 of each CRWF and bring these to the case setup. 

*Other PDF viewers are not fully functional and cannot be used. Work at the same local hard drive to insure you are always using the same version of Adobe Reader. Warning to Mac Users: Do not use Apple's Safari to download the CRWF; also, make sure the CRWF opens in Adobe Reader, not in Apple's Preview.

**Currently published ABO exam specifications apply to each year's exam, no matter when the examinee began gathering records. If you upload a former year's Case Report Work File, you will be alerted if any data is not current. You are encouraged to login early and verify your data against current year specifications.