Tracings and Superimposition Overview

1. Computer technology may be used to produce cephalogram tracings and superimpositions but the examinee will be responsible for the accuracy of software renderings of all anatomical landmarks, planes and angles. 

 2. The ABO welcomes and encourages hand-traced cephalograms and manual superimpositions.

 3. If hand-traced, use a small diameter (0.5 mm) pencil or pen on transparent media.

 4. Tracings must be rendered in black, blue, or red as specified below for level of treatment A, A1 and B. All landmarks, reference lines, and measurements must be recorded, preferably in the same color.

  • Pre-treatment tracing (A) must be in  BLACK.
  • Interim tracing (A1) must be in  BLUE.
  • Post-treatment tracing (B) must be in RED.

5. The name of the doctor, practice or school should not be visible on any record.

6. All tracings, physical or digital, must be sized for presentation at a 1:1 ratio to the cephalogram. You may need to print and verify a 1:1 ratio. You can ensure that the lateral cephalogram and the tracing are saved in a 1:1 ratio to each other by following these steps:

a. Digitize the cephalogram and save it as a JPG.
b. Trace the digitized cephalogram and save the combined ceph-with-tracing image as a JPG.
c. Extract the tracing (i.e. hide the cephalogram) and save the tracing as a JPG.

7. If presentation is by notebook:

a. Computer-generated tracings must be printed on transparent media. 

b. Computer-generated superimpositions may be printed on transparent media or white photographic paper.
c.  Affix an ABO record identification label to all hard copy records.

8. If presentation is by electronic case submission (ECS):

a. Do not add ABO record identification labels
b. Provide records in industry standard JPG format
c. Hand-tracings and superimpositions may be scanned at 100% scale into JPEG images
d. If you are using software that will not capture the tracing or superimposition to JPG, use a screen capture (or print screen) utility, then save as a JPG.

9. Conform to specific requirements discussed under Cephalometric Tracing Requirements.