Proof of Treatment

As part of exam registration, all examinees must sign an Agreement to Rules of Examination for the ABO affirming that all the professional judgment and treatment was provided by the examinee for each of the patient cases that are presented to the Board.

All professional judgment and treatment means that the examinee did the diagnosis and treatment planning, constructed the appliances, completed regular appliance adjustment, monitored treatment progress and completed treatment. Therefore, in a shared partnership, immediately designate which cases are ABO cases so they are exclusively under the your management.


In this agreement, the examinee will affirm several statements including:

1. Patient records have not been altered

2. Patient records have not been presented to the Board in a previous examination

3. Agreement to the ABO policy for documentation of examination

4. Reading of the Appeal Process for Adverse Certification Decisions

5. Possession of a signed HIPAA compliant authorization that permits the disclosure of protected health information to the ABO for certification purposes and/or for general training and educational purposes. 

•The ABO HIPAA Authorization Form may be used if needed.


Signed affidavits, submitted separately, are required under these circumstances:

1. All recent graduates (within 24 months after graduation) must have a signed Affidavit for the Recent Graduate by the Department Chairperson and/or Program Director to confirm that each case presented was treated by the examinee under the supervision of a clinical instructor in an CODA approved orthodontic program.


2. Full-time Orthodontic Educators (1 FTE per week) - a signed Affidavit for Educator Supervision Cases by the Department Chairperson and/or Program Director that up to three cases presented by the examinee were treated in the graduate orthodontic clinic entirely under the supervision of the examinee (as a full-time educator). The supervised cases may not include a case that has been, or will be, presented to the ABO by a resident of the orthodontic program.