Overall Requirements for Radiographs


1. Provide diagnostic quality radiographs in grayscale for each level of evaluation, A, A1 and B. 

2. All radiographs should be of the same dpi and scale. 

3. The ABO recommends that scanned radiographic images be 8-bit grayscale, JPEG with medium compression that are appropriately cropped and rotated. 

4. Examinees with direct capture digital x-ray machines should retain the native resolution of their system. 

For example, if your digital panoramic machine captures an 8-bit grayscale, 500x1200 pixel image, please retain it that way. 

5. The name of the doctor, practice or school should not be visible on any record.

6. Conform to specific requirements discussed by type of radiograph and demonstrated in the following exhibit: Photo & Radiograph Example


If presentation is by notebook: 

•Print digital radiographs on photo glossy paper 

•Affix an ABO record identification label to all hard copy records.


If presentation is by electronic case submission (ECS): 

Do not add an ABO record identification label to the records.