Example Case Presentations


All treated orthodontic cases display some deficiencies. Also, case records may not conform to exact ABO specifications. The example case presentations represent those that successfully completed the ABO Clinical Examination. There may be alternate methods, treatment plans and mechanics that could be used to achieve similar results.


These examples are intended only as a guide, as presentation requirements are subject to change. Examinees should carefully follow the current exam year requirements when preparing case reports and records. Original records for these cases are of higher diagnostic quality than has been captured for example presentation.

All physical records (notebook presentations and plaster models) must be clearly marked with an identification label as described at Record Identification of Hard Copy Records.

Example Cases - Notebook Case Submission

Example Case Madelaine

DI 24

Example Case Anna Marie

DI 24  / Class II with interim records


Example Case - Electronic Case Submission

Example Case Jack

DI 14  / Adult Patient





Notes to Examinees:

  1.  A collage of study model images is not part of the case presentation. Initial and/or interim study models will be submitted in plaster or in digital format according to current year specifications. Final study models will be submitted in stone, plaster, or 3D printed version with accompanying digital file. Please see ABO Model Digital Requirements.
  2. All examinees will electronically submit the Case Report Work File (CRWF) for each case using the ABO website electronic submission portal.
  3. The remainder of patient records will be submitted by notebook presentation or by electronic case submission (ECS). Note that ECS is optional and is offered during exam registration.