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Exam Retake Policy

Scenario-based Clinical Exam:

After 3 failed attempts at the Scenario-based Clinical Examination, an examinee must wait 2
years before retaking the examination. The examinee must present a petition to the Clinical
Committee before registering for the examination for the 4th attempt. The petition must
address the following items:

1. How the examinee plans to prepare going forward?
2. What domain(s) require the most attention when preparing based on
past results?

3. What is the examinee’s understanding of the weak performing areas in
the past examinations?

4. What adjustments will be made in the preparation process going

If the candidate fails the examination after the 4th attempt, they must wait an additional 2
years and petition before registration for 5th exam. After 5 failed attempts at the Scenario-
based Clinical Examination, an examinee is no longer eligible to be Board Certified.